可回收的. Replenishable. 有弹性的. 足智多谋. 负责任的.
4 rows of aluminum cans that have been crushed into cubes to create a brick wall type look

When it comes to sustainability metrics, metal continues to lead the pack. 的 material is more inherently responsible and eco-friendly than any other packaging substrate, 这是品牌的选择, 投资者, 消费者和环保组织会对此感到满意.

Here are just a few ways metal contributes to a more sustainable future:


循环经济 基于三个原则:

  • 消除废物和污染
  • 流通产品和材料
  • 再生自然

循环经济模式消除了浪费的概念, 通过价值链不断回收材料以进行再利用. 该模型需要更少的能量, 保护自然资源, 减少排放, 而且由于使用的资源较少,还可以产生长期的节省.

In every aspect, our primary materials - steel and aluminum - are inherently circular. 在它们的原点, 它们分别占地壳的5%和8%以上, 将它们列为世界上最丰富的资源之一(source).

这些自然元素永远保持着它们的特性. 换句话说, 一旦金属进入材料到材料的循环, 在那里它被一次又一次地回收, 允许同一罐饮料每年最多重复使用六次. 

This constant reuse into new containers or other metal products saves raw materials and energy and reduces CO2 emissions.


  • 有史以来生产的所有铝中有80%至今仍可供使用(source).
  • Once produced, metal never needs to be downgraded to less demanding uses after recycling. Metal boasts a 60-day turnaround from point of consumption to appearing back on the shelf (source).
  • 100% of metal scrap created in the production process is recycled back into production (source).

We are taking a more active role in guiding the material through its closed-loop system successfully—time and time again. Because metal is an infinite material that has no limitations for recycling and reproduction, its availability for future use is almost strictly dependent on how well it is captured and reused over time.


With the future availability of materials crucial to the success of consumer-packaged goods brands, 重要的是包装要有一个有效的, 连续使用寿命. 铝和钢, 就其本质而言, can be recycled at high effectiveness and can be repeatedly reused to form new consumer packaging with no degradation in performance, 质量, 或安全. Recycling metal also helps reduce the use of Earth’s resources and the level of greenhouse gas emissions used in subsequent production.

Consumers recycle aluminum cans at more than double the rate that they recycle plastic bottles. 如今,84%的钢铁包装(source),而在欧洲,有76%的铝制饮料罐被回收(source). 美国.S. 实现了近60%的铝(source)和近74%的钢铁包装(source).

然而, consumers can lack access to recycling infrastructure both publicly and privately and are often unaware of proper recycling measures keeping metal from reaching its full potential for recycling efficacy, 尤其是在美国.S.

这就是为什么,在2020年,皇冠成立了我们的 二十by30 initiative, a Company-wide program to bring our sustainability performance to the next level. 通过我们的介绍 最优循环 支柱, we recently set new global recycling targets to help goals to increase the recycled content and recycling rate of our products.

With well-established recycling infrastructure for metal packaging around the world coupled with educating our consumers about the sustainable qualities of metal and how they can do their part to ensure the material makes its way through the recycling stream, 我们可以在鼓励高回收率方面发挥积极作用.


  • Metal is the most recycled beverage package in the world, at an average global rate of 69% (source)
  • 每年额外回收7100万个铝罐可以提供:
    • 超过1美元.美国的收入为1500万美元.S. 循环系统 
    • Increased energy savings that could power more than 28 million American homes for one hour (source)
  • Recycling aluminum saves more than 90% of the energy needed to make new aluminum (source)

We are also working with our suppliers and other industry partners to maintain or improve the industry-wide recycled content average. This includes helping to fund can capture equipment for material recovery facilities to ensure more used beverage cans make it through the recycling process successfully (link to latest CMI MRF news).


根据联合国环境规划署, 世界上每年生产的粮食的三分之一——超过1.30亿公吨-被浪费了,代表3.每年30亿公吨的二氧化碳排放量. 事实上, 如果将全球食物浪费作为一个独立的国家来代表, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases globally behind China and the U.S. (source).

Thus, when addressing 食物 waste, it is critical to consider the packaging. 包装——金属包装, in particular — are essential for two reasons: metal can make a considerable difference in overcoming 食物 insecurity while touting its inherent environmentally friendly credentials.  

Metal packaging has a natural advantage where 食物 waste reduction is concerned: Cans preserve their contents, 帮助产品获得更长的保质期, and can better protect products throughout the entire supply chain process. 一旦包装过程完成, it is the metal can that most effectively continues to preserve the 食物 it contains. Foods typically degrade through extended exposure to external influences like air or sunlight; however, metal is the only container material that completely prevents light and oxygen from infiltrating the package, 提供优异的阻隔性能, 延长产品寿命.

的 other key element of metal packaging resides in its natural sustainability. 此外,各种方式的罐头可以减少食物浪费, 金属可以无限回收而不损失其性能, 帮助它产生温室气体, and saves a considerable amount of energy in transport and storage when compared to fresh or frozen products.

  • Packaging produce in metal cans rather than packing it for refrigeration or freezing saves over 1 billion liters of 食物 per year.* 
  • 如果整个美国的水果和蔬菜供应.S. 是罐头, 而不是包装冷藏或冷冻, 估计可节省700万吨粮食. 这相当于大约2200万吨的二氧化碳.*

不像任何其他包装基板, metal offers fundamental benefits that will maintain its position as the package of choice across multiple categories, 包括饮料, 食物, 个人护理. 的se innate benefits of metal make it an ideal weapon to combat 食物 waste. 

For additional information about the sustainability of metal packaging, visit our 2022年可持续发展报告.

*Source: “Effects of Metal Packaging on Energy and Food Waste” – University of Delaware and CROWN Packaging Technology